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FFC Tells Online Casino Secrets

Now I realize that advantage players don't have an advantage in online gambling, because the casino can detect them and treat them as cheaters.

Even when you think you're being righteous with Black Jack skills, the casino sees card counting as cheating. It is a gray area that needs to be debated between gamblers and online casinos.

On the other hand, you could seek those online casinos that don't see your betting system as cheating. After…

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First off all, i would like to inform, that i am not the author of this thread / text.  I get this text today morning (Moscow mean time) by email from GPWA user Oliver155 who can't post thread here,  at GPWA, by technical reason. Sorry for my English.



I ask the affiliate community to pay close attention to this message. At stake is the safety of each affiliate’s business. The threat is real and serious. Unfortunately, there is a high probability that at…

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Top 5 Gambling Destinations in Canada

At least once in a lifetime, an adult is likely to visit a gambling facility, not because of expectations to earn large sums of money, but for the experience. While it is true that you can also play in online casino Canada, nothing beats the experience of a land-based casino.


If Canada is one of your tourist destinations on your bucket list, then you have to visit some of its gambling facilities. Today we will show…

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